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Trenchless Project
source:admin time:2021-11-15
Trenchless refers to the use of various rock and soil drilling equipment and technical means to excavate a very small part of the surface (generally refers to the small area excavation at the entrance and exit) by means of directional drilling, etc., to lay and replace the new construction technology of repairing various underground pipelines will not hinder traffic, will not damage the green space and vegetation, will not affect the normal life and working order of shops, hospitals, schools and residents, and solve the problems of traditional excavation construction on residents’ lives,disturbance,damage and adverse effects on traffic, environment, and surrounding building foundations, so it has a high socio-economic effect.
In the mud treatment of trenchless directional drilling, shale shaker, de-sanders, desilters, mud cleaner are mainly used. HYang Oil & Gas is a solid control equipment manufacturer specializing in the production of mud cleaning. Currently we produce equipment is widely used in urban trenchless engineering, environmentally friendly and efficient.

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