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Microbial Engineering Technology
source:admin time:2021-11-05
Harmless Treatment of Oily Sludge by Microbial Engineering Technology
Oily sludge mainly refers to the solid waste generated in the production process of crude oil extraction, storage, gathering and transportation, and processing, including ground oil sludge, clear tank oil sludge, scum bottom sludge, and dehydrated drilling mud. Oily sludge is one of the main pollution sources in the oil production process. It has been listed as HW08 (waste mineral oil) hazardous waste in the "National Catalogue of Hazardous Wastes". The production of these oily sludges has increased year by year with the development of oil and gas fields, which has brought serious environmental pressures to production enterprises and local ecological protection. There is an urgent need for scientific, efficient, and environmentally friendly new technologies and treatment solutions to completely solve the problem of oily sludge pollution.
This technology uses high-efficiency biological enzymes and modern microbial fermentation engineering technology to carry out engineering, harmless, and resource treatment of various oily sludges. For oily sludge with an oil content of ≥10%, first use high-efficiency biological enzymes to separate the oil, sludge, and water in the oily sludge to realize crude oil recovery.All kinds of oily sludge with an oil content of less than 10%, through the use of crude oil and various pollutants in the sludge as the only nutrient source for growth and reproduction of special microbial complex flora,through complex biological and chemical processes, the harmful components in the oily sludge that harm the ecological environment are efficiently degraded, transformed, and utilized, detoxified, degummed, desalted and dehydrated, and finally achieve the purpose of biological harmless treatment.
Technology Application and Case
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