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Thermal Desorption Unit (TDU)
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Thermal desorption process for oil sludge treatment
Thermal Desorption Unit is an indirect heating thermal desorption technology. Using the thermal instability of the organic matter in the sludge and heating it under anaerobic conditions, the organic matter will be thermally cracked, and the organic matter will be cracked according to its hydrocarbon ratio to form a gas and solid phase with high utility value, making it easy to store, easy to transport.This technology is widely used in oily waste treatment, oily sludge treatment, oil-based drill cuttings treatment, contaminated soil restoration, and organic waste treatment. The system is modular in design, which is convenient for transportation and installation.

The oily sludge or oily drill cuttings are pretreated by screening unit to achieve uniform particle size with as low moisture content as possible and remove impurities. After they are sent to the thermal desorption chamber, they are indirectly heated to 420 to 500°C. Organic pollution in the solid phase is heated to the boiling point, evaporates and desorbs from the solid phase; the water vapor and organic vapor vaporized from the solid phase are introduced to the quenching device, and then recondensed into liquid after being quenched by water spray, and the condensed liquid enters the water treatment device The three-phase separation and purification of oil, water and solid are carried out. The water is reused for cooling and humidification of the treated dry materials. The non-condensable gas is filtered through degreasing and dewatering, and then enters the combustion chamber to burn, decomposes gaseous pollutants and recovers heat at the same time. The oil produced after oil-water separation can be recycled.

Model HYTDU-35A
Capacity 3.5 - 5.0 MT/H
Oil content of treated solids 0.3%-1%(as per clients' requirement)
Main unit Screening module, pyrolysis module, condensation module, liquid phase treatment module, cooling tower module, unloading module, diesel tank module,recovery water tank module, recovery oil tank module, control room module, electric control cabinet module.

Features of HYang TDU:
① The Skip-mounted modular design is convenient for quick installation and transportation.
② Wide range of applications and can treat all kinds of oily wastes, tank bottom oil sludge, oily sludge pit, oily sludge and oil sands, oil-based drill cuttings, etc. It can also be used for soil remediation, solid waste treatment such as organochlorine pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls, furans, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. In addition, it can also be used in the treatment of waste tires, waste plastics, and waste paints.
③ HYang TDU-35A thermal desorption system can operate continuously without interruption, and the processing capacity can reach 3.5 to 5 tons per hour. The oil content of the processed solid can be less than 0.3%, which meets the stringent environmental protection requirements of China.
④ Self-cleaning screw pusher design can meet the continuous processing of high-viscosity materials and reduce the cleaning and maintenance time.
⑤ Sensors, PLC intelligent systems, safety valves and safety devices, and high-temperature sealing technology ensure the safe operation of Guanneng's thermal desorption equipment in universities.
⑥ Gas dust removal technology is used to remove dust before the hot vapor is condensed, which effectively reduces the solid content of the condensate, thereby reducing the processing cost.
⑦ Environmental treatment of oily sludge and organic pollutants is in compliance with national standards.
⑧ No harmful gas emissions, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, compared with incineration technology, the environmental protection standards are greatly improved;
⑨ Safely separated, and the gasification temperature of the recycled waste is as high as 500 degrees Celsius.
⑩ Recovered water can be reused, and the recovered oil can be sold to refining companies, and the discharged gas is environmentally friendly. The entire thermal desorption system can achieve zero emissions;

Main Modules of HYang TDU:
S/N. Module Name Qty Description Optional
1 Screening 1 Screen the large particles before entering the thermal desorption furnace No
2 Thermal desorption 1 Contains 6 burners for indirect heating and pyrolysis of materials into steam No
3 Condensation 1 De-dust the steam and condense it into an oil-water-solid mixture No
4 Liquid phase processing 1 Separate the three phases of oil, water and solid No
5 Cooling 1 Circulate and cool the hot water from the condensing module No
6 Unloading 1 Including discharge cooling screw, discharge spray system No
7 Diesel tank 1 Used to store fuel for the burner and supply fuel to the burner No
8 Recovered Water Tank 1 Used to store recovered water Yes
9 Recovered Oil Tank 2 Used to store recovered oil Yes
10 CRM(control room) 1 The operator monitors the system in the control room No
11 Power Control Room 1 For the installation of inverter and electric control cabinet No
12 Electric Generator 1 Used to provide power to the entire system Yes
13 Test&Repair 1 For sample testing and equipment maintenance Yes
14 Office 1 For the office of managers and staff Yes
15 SPR-PRT-KIT 2 One for storing electrical accessories and another for storing mechanical accessories Yes

Remarks: For the above options, the optional ones indicate that the user can purchase them from HYang Company or prepare them by themselves, or the ones with mandatory options must be purchased from HYang Company, otherwise the entire system matching work will not be satisfied. Generally, the quotation of the thermal desorption system of HYang Company refers to the required items, and the optional items require additional quotations.

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