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Drilling Mud Solid Control System
source:admin time:2021-11-10
Drilling mud solids control system, also called mud purification system, mud cleaning system, it  is mainly used to control and separate the drilling fluids in oil and gas drilling, thus to recycling the drilling fluids. A solid control system will suitable for drilling rig depth from 2000m to 7000m oil wells, usually it’s composed of 3 to 7 modular combined tanks; the bottom of the purification tank adopts a new cone bottom structure, and the edge of the mud mixing system which is not easy to settle; the entire mud circulation system between tank and tank, cabin and canbin can be separated and connected to meet the needs of drilling operations. The bottom valve of the suction manifold can be opened flexibly, and the sealing is reliable after being closed. The entire solid control system is equipped with 5-level purification equipment, supporting equipment including shale shaker, desander desilter mud cleaner, vacuum degasser and mud agitator, etc. With the application of newest oil drilling mud purification or solid control system, which can reduces mud emissions and protecst environments.

Drilling mud solids control system is used to separate and treat particles such as cuttings, mud and sand in the drilling fluids, maintain the performance of the drilling fluid, and store the circulating drilling fluid. Equipped with weighting mixing device, perfusion device and chemical agent filling device. It is used to improve the physical and chemical properties of drilling fluid to meet the needs of drilling work.
A complete set of drilling mud solids control systems usually include the following equipments:
1)    Drilling Mud Shale Shaker for primary solids partices large than 100 microns.
2)    Desander for second phase solids particles 40 microns.
3)    Desilter for third phase solids particles 20 microns.
4)    Decanter Centrifuge for the 2-7 microns fine solids particles separation.
As a design and manufacturer of oilfield drilling mud solids control system, Xi’an Huayang Oil & Gas is committed to the solid-liquid separation of oil and gas drilling mud, and provides drilling supporting solid control equipment and solids control systems for major oilfields at home and abroad. We designs and manufactures mud tanks to form an efficient and complete mud system to meet the needs of oil drilling rigs ranging from 250HP to 3000HP, as well as the offshore rig or jack-up platform drilling We promise clients optimal solution with cost-efficient budget.

Drilling Rig ZJ70/3000HP ZJ50/1500HP ZJ40/1000HP ZJ30/750HP ZJ20/550-650HP ZJ10
Mud Tank ≥270m³/h ≥200m³/h ≥180m³/h ≥160m³/h ≥160m³/h ≥80m³/h
Reserve Tank ≥160m³/h ≥120m³/h ≥80m³/h ≥80m³/h × ×
Shale Shaker ≥360m³/h ≥280m³/h ≥240m³/h ≥180m³/h ≥140m³/h ≥80m³/h
Vacuum Degasser 360m³/h 300m³/h 240m³/h ×
Desander ≥320m³/h ≥240m³/h ≥200m³/h ≥180m³/h ≥120m³/h
Desilter ≥320m³/h ≥240m³/h ≥200m³/h × ×
Middle Speed Centrifuge 50m³/h 50m³/h 40m³/h ×
High Speed Centrifuge 40m³/h 40m³/h × × ×
Jet Mud Mixer ≥300m³/h ≥240m³/h ≥200m³/h ≥180m³/h ≥120m³/h ≥80m³/h
× ≥120m³/h ≥120m³/h ≥120m³/h ≥120m³/h ≥100m³/h ×
Charging Pump ≥240m³/h ≥200m³/h ≥180m³/h ≥150m³/h ≥100m³/h  

HYANG has provide complete drilling mud solid control system for both domestic and overseas clients, like our ZJ40 solid control system, ZJ50 solid control system, ZJ70 solid control system and ZJ70LDB solid control syetms are working efficient in drilling site, we are able to provide clients customized solid control system which can effectively saving your drilling costs with reliable performance.

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