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Drilling Waste Management
source:admin time:2021-11-10
Drilling Waste Management(DWM), also known as drilling cuttings management, it is used for taking drilling fluids from the drilling cuttings and clean the fluids for reusage. Hyang Oil and Gas drilling waste management system can effectively control the water content and oil content of the fluids or cuttings in the drilling mud, maximize the recycling of drilling fluids and stabilize the drilling fluids phase performance, thus to achieve the purpose of drilling waste management and drilling mud recycling in a environment protection and cost effectively.
A complete set of drilling waste management systems mainly including vertical cuttings dryer (vertical centrifuge), decanter centrifuge, screw pump, mud tank, etc. Hyang Oil and Gas can design and produce the drilling waste management system and drilling waste management equipment according to client’s requirement.

How does HYANG drilling waste management system working?
The mud from the drilling rig enters the solids control unit (shale shaker, mud cleaner) through the overhead manifold. Drill cuttings discharged after being processed by shale shaker and mud cleaner will be sent through screw conveyor to drying shale shaker, and then processed cuttings are pass through screw conveyor and transport to the vertical cuttings dryer for further drying, thus the solid waste residue processed by the vertical cuttings dryer will beremoved. Drilling mud treated by drying shale shaker and vertical cuttings dryer flows into the mud tank compartment, and then transport thgrough centrifuge supply pump or screw pump to the high-speed centrifuge to separate small particles, after processing the drilling muds flows into the solids control mixing tank and continues to be used. After processing by drying shale shaker, vertical cuttings dryer and high-speed centrifuge, there will be less moisture content, which can be used as an ideal raw material for brick making and road repair, thus to achieve the purpose of managing the drilling waste and recycle the drilling mud without damaging the water performance and environment.

HYANG Drilling Waste Management Solution 1: For WBM(water based mud)

Vertical cutting dryer 1 unit
High speed Centrifuge 1 unit
Sand pump 1 unit
Centrifuge Supply Pump 1 unit
Screw Conveyor 1 set
Mud Tank 1 unit

HYANG Drilling Waste Management Solution 2: For OBM(oil based mud)

Drying Shale Shaker 1 unit
Vertical cuttings dryer 1 unit
High speed centrifuge 1 unit
Sand Pump 2 unit
Centrifuge Supply Pump 1 unit
Screw Conveyor 1 set
Mud Tank 1 unit

Features of HYANG Oil and Gas Drilling Waste Management System:

For oil based drilling cuttings: normally reduce the oil on the cuttings to 3% to 5%.

For water based drilling cuttings, normally reduce the moisture content for easy transportation.

Maximizing recycle the drilling fluids and cost effective.
Able to design according to clients drilling site conditions.
Flexible cooperation, rental and purchasing also can be negotiate.

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