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Bored Pile Desanding Plant
source:admin time:2021-11-10
Bored Pile Desanding Plant combines the different mud purification methods of shale shaker and desander to form a mud treatment cycle purification system, which is suitable for modern foundation construction using mud wall protection and circulating drilling technology purification of mud in the pile foundation engineering, anti-seepage wall engineering, mud-water balance method shield and pipe jacking construction. With the widely application of bored pile desanding plant, which can effectively controlling mud indicators, improving the quality and efficiency of hole making, shortening the time of hole cleaning, and purifying and recovering mud. It is one of the necessary equipment for basic civilized construction.

Bored pile desanding plant adopts the mud wall protection, pile foundation engineering of circulation drilling process( include the Rotary digging drill, Percussion drill and ect.), anti-seepage wall works mud cleaning system. Which is greatly improve the reuse rate of waste mud to avoid the mud discharge arbitrarily, and help clients decrease the working cost, to get the purpose of environmental protection construction.
Technical Specifications   
Model YZX-50/25 HYZX-100/50 HYZX-200/50
Fluids Capacity ≤50m³/h ≤100m³/h ≤200m³/h
Sludge Treatment Capacity ≤26T/h ≤50T/h ≤50T/h
Separation Point 25μm 50μm 50μm
Shale Shaker HYZS753 HYZS753 HYZS703
Screen Shaker Upper: 700x1250
Lower: 750x900x2
Upper: 700x1250
Lower: 750x900x2
Upper: 750x900x2
Lower: 700x1250x3
Vibration Motor 1.0KW x 2 1.0KW x 2 1.5KW x 2
Matching Pump HYSB4X3-12(15KW) HYSB4X3-12(15KW) HYSB4X3-12(15KW)
Cyclones DN100X4 DN250X1 DN250X2
Tanks Dimension 2.1X1.5X1.2m 3.05X2.0X1.2m 3.6x2.1x1.2m
Machine Dimension 2.2X1.6X2.6m 3.12X2.2X2.38m 3.7X2.2X2.54m
Reference Cases:

HYZS100/50 bored pile desanding plant, for more working videos please click here.

Xi'an Huayang Oil & Gas is a professional R&D manufacturer of mud cleaning system. Our system can be widely used in piling, oil and gas drilling mud solid control system, HDD horizontal directional drilling mud recovery system, subway shield mud recovery system, and river dredging mud recovery system and so on.

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