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HDD Mud Recycling System
source:admin time:2021-11-10
HDD( Horizontal Directional Drilling) mud recycling system is developed, designed and produced according to domestic and foreign trenchless technical requirements. It is used to purify and treat the mud returned from the underground during the horizontal directional drilling process. The large-diameter drill cuttings are separated by solids control equipments such as drilling mud shale shaker, mud desander and mud desilter, also the required mud additive is added through the jet mud mixer, and the mixing cycle is uniform to meet the performance requirements of reuse. The mud pump is pumped into the horizontal directional drilling system for repeated recycling.

Horizontal directional drilling is a horizontal directional drilling construction technology used for trenchless construction. The use of horizontal directional drilling technology for pipeline crossing construction is the choice for urban municipal construction and electrified pipeline network transformation, communication optical cable laying and crossing large, medium and small rivers, lakes and non-demolition buildings. It is a construction method that does not damage the landform and protect the environment. In recent years, horizontal directional drilling technology has shown advantages in environmental protection and municipal pipeline network reconstruction and expansion projects and large-scale pipeline crossing river engineering projects. The combination of mud recycling system and horizontal directional drilling rig matching supporting construction has completed the pipeline crossing construction.

Huayang oil and gas HDD mud recycling systems is customized according to the customer's HDD drilling rig tonnage and mud pump flow rate, such as 250GPM (60m³/h), 500GPM (120m³/h), 1000GPM (240m³/h) and other mud recycling systems of different specifications, which can be processed at the same time The amount can be customized according to the requirements.

Xi’an Huayang Oil & Gas is a professional manufacturer of HDD mud recycling systems and mud purification systems in China. The mud recycling system designed by Huayang Oil & Gas can significantly improve mud processing efficiency, reduce the mud cost of horizontal directional drilling, and greatly improve drilling Speed, with advantages compact structure, convenient handling, convenient use, widely used in the field of HDD trenchless and coalbed methane development.

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