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The desilter has a high separation capacity and a wide separation particle size range, the bottom outflow port of the cyclone is shaped like an umbrella with a "wet bottom" sand discharge so that the particles in the separation zone can be quickly discharged, reducing the probability of underflow port clogging,has large processing capacity, low noise, and long screen life; the symmetrical liquid inlet mechanism makes the swirling flow distribution reasonable and stable.
The desilter is designed according to the principle of particle sedimentation. The separation medium drilling fluid generates a certain pressure and speed through the sand pump, and spirals into the inner wall of the cyclone. The coarser particles flow along the cyclone under the action of centrifugal force and gravity. The inner wall of the vessel sinks spirally, discharged from the bottom flow port, and falls on the fine-mesh vibrating screen below to be separated, and the remaining medium spirally rises along the cyclone.

Model HYCN100-4N HYCN100-6N/8N HYCN100-12N/16N HYCN100-20N
Treatment Capacity 60m³ 90m³/120m³ 180m³/240m³ 300m³
Cyclone Specs 4in
Cyclone Qty 4nos 6nos/8nos 12nos/16nos 20nos
Working Pressure 0.25~0.4mpa
Inlet Size DN100mm DN125mm DN150mm DN150mm
Outlet Size DN125mm DN150mm DN200mm DN200mm
Separation Point 15μm~44μm
Bottom Shaker HYZS60/N/A HYZS60/N/A HYZS752/N/A HYZS703/N/A
Dimension 1510×1160X2000mm 1510×1360×2250mm 1835×1230×1810mm 2770×1785×1810mm
Weight 550kg 560kg/580kg 1150kg 1950kg
Features and Benefits:
1.Pure polyurethane or high chromium cast iron for cyclone.
2.Clamp connection for the installation of cyclone,easy to dismantle and replace.
3.Ball valve is installed at the inlet and outlet of cyclones,it is available to choose the cyclone number independently.
4.Adopted international brand vibration motor,Martin or OLI motor
HYang Oil & Gas is a manufacturer specializing in the production of drilling mud desilter. At the same time, we also produce other solids control equipment, such as desander, desilter, centrifuge, agitator, mud tank, etc.

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