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Drilling Rig Mat
source:admin time:2021-11-09
Steel-wood foundation, also known as drilling rig mat(pad), is a plate-shaped equipment composed of wood, steel or rubber, and is a kind of outdoor floor decoration equipment similar to floor tiles. The product has high strength, strong bearing capacity, good interchangeability, convenient transportation, low cost, convenient and quick installation, strong shock absorption, no dry cracking, no fear of water, corrosion resistance, no deformation, long service life, easy recovery and storage and other advantage.

HYang Oil and Gas series rig mats is a new type of steel and wood structure rig mats according to the needs of well site developed, the rig mats to replace the traditional concrete foundation, and greatly reduces the drilling cost , improve the economic efficiency , saves the land , and raise the level of the site management. Our company also manufacture solids control equipment and system for oil and gas drilling, CBM, HDD,TBM, supply service and equipment for oil sludge treatment ,such as microbia technology, thermal desorption unit(TDU).


Model Length Width Thickness
HY301 3000mm 2000mm 160mm
HY401 4000mm 2000mm 160mm
HY501 5000mm 2000mm 160mm
HY601 6000mm 2000mm 160mm
HY1201 12000mm 2000mm 160mm
HY302 3000mm 2000mm 210mm
HY402 4000mm 2000mm 210mm
HY502 5000mm 2000mm 210mm
HY602 6000mm 2000mm 210mm
HY1202 12000mm 2000mm 210mm
Note: size can be customized according to client's requirements.

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