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Flare Ignition Device
source:admin time:2021-11-10
The oilfield electronic ignition device (flare igniter)is a kind of safety and environmental protection equipment, which is matched with the drilling fluid gas separator. It is to ignite the vented combustible and harmful gas to eliminate its hazards to the environment and safety. It has been widely used in oil drilling projects.
Precautions for use:
1. The safe distance between the electronic ignition device and the personnel (the safe distance is 60 meters away).
2. Pay attention to the protection of electronic components to prevent unnecessary accidents caused by damage to electronic components.

Model HYYPD-20/3 HYYPD-20/3T
Nameplate Diameter of Torch DN200
Charging Voltage 12V / 220V
Ignition Media Natural gas/LPG
Ignition Voltage 16kv 16kv
Charge Mode AC Solar and AC
Weight 520kg 590kg
Dimensions 1610×650×3000mm 1610×650×3000mm
Features and functions:
2.Switch between AC and DC ignition, In case the low battery can not ignition.
3.Fast ignition speed and high frequency.
4.The head is made of stainless steel material, reasonable structure and design for head wind-resistant shell, prevent excessive wind delays the ignition.
5.Imported electrical components, and other parts and cables used domestic well-known brands.

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