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Jet Mud Mixer
source:admin time:2021-11-10
The jet mud mixer is a mixing device which is used to prepare or increase the total amount of drilling fluid, change the density, viscosity, water loss, etc. of the drilling fluids, all of which require drilling fluid materials (bentonite, barite powder, etc.) and corresponding chemical additives (polymers, etc.) Putting it into the circulation tank, if it is directly put into it, it will cause a large amount of drilling fluid materials and chemical additives to precipitate or agglomerate, making it impossible to obtain a dispersed and uniform drilling fluids.
The jet mud mixer is used in conjunction with the oil drilling solids control system. It can meet the weighting and preparation of the drilling fluid of the 1500 to 6000 meters drilling solids control system. The mixing device consists of a sand pump and a jet mixing funnel. The manifold valve is connected and installed on a base. The performance is safe and reliable, and the transportation is convenient.
Model HYSLH150-50 HYSLH150-40 HYSLH150-30 HYSLH100
Capacity 240㎥/h(1056GPM) 180㎥/h(792GPM) 120㎥/h(528GPM) 60㎥/h(264GPM)
Matching Pump TRSB8×6-13J TRSB6×5-13J TRSB5×4-14J TRSB4×3-11J
Motor Power 55kW 45kW 37kW 11kW
Work Pressure    0.25~0.4MPa
Inlet 150mm 150mm 150mm 100mm
Nozzle Caliber 50 40 30 25
Hopper Dimension 750×750mm 750×750mm 600×600mm 500×500mm
Burden Speed ≤100kg/min ≤80kg/min ≤60kg/min ≤40kg/min
Weight 1600kg 1450kg 1300kg 1100kg
Dimensions 2200×1700×1200mm 2200×1700×1200mm 2000×1650×1100mm 2000×1650×1100mm

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