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Mud Agitator
source:admin time:2021-11-10
The mud agitator is a continuous and reliable drilling mud solids control equipment for the drilling fluids to maintain the uniformity of the drilling fluids and suspend the solid particles. It is mainly used for the stirring and mixing of drilling fluids to prevent the solid particles of the drilling fluids from depositing in the tank circulation system, so that the performance of the circulating drilling fluids is stable and the mixing is uniform. The mud agitator is mainly composed of explosion-proof motor, reducer, base and pulsator components. The motor and reducer, and the reducer and pulsator shaft are all connected by a rigid coupling. The pulsator is assembled by welding 4 blades.
Working Principle:The mud agitator is suitable for mixing petroleum drilling fluids. The mud agitator below 5.5kW adopts a cycloid reducer, and the mud agitator of drilling fluids above 7.5kW adopts a turbo-worm type reduction transmission. The pulsator can make the mixing liquid produce vortex motion, thereby enhancing the mixing effect. The tray sandwiched between the blades can also prevent the solid particles of the mud from depositing around the lower blades after shutdown. This use can reduce the drag torque of the sediment on the blades during startup, thereby avoiding overloading and burning of the motor.


Motor Power  

Impeller Speed

Impeller Diameter

Impeller Types
Explosion-proof Standard

HYJBQ3 3Kw 60/72r/min 600mm 1 ExdIIBt4  / IEC EX  / A-TEX 190kg 909×525×527mm
HYJBQ5.5 5.5Kw 600mm 1 250kg 1072×610×588mm
HYJBQ7.5 7.5Kw 650mm 2 380kg 1157×670×607mm
HYJBQ11 11Kw 800mm 2 430kg 1297×740×692mm
HYJBQ15 15Kw 950mm 2 480kg 1330×890×747mm
HYJBQ18.5 18.5Kw 1000mm 2 740kg 1510×890×753mm
HYJBQ22 22Kw 1100mm 2 780kg 1529×890×753mm
Remarks Above weight and dimension did not include the mud agitator shaft and impeller.
Features and functions
1. Product structure optimization, small size, compact structure.
2. Running smoothly, small operating noise, long service life, less wearing parts, cost-effective.
3. Using high-pressure airless spraying, beautiful appearance and good antiseptic effect.
4. Agitator shaft and impeller treated through polishing, pickling, plating, hot dip galvanized, passivation, fine grinding, greatly improving the service life and antiseptic effect.

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