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Mud Cleaner
source:admin time:2021-11-09
High efficiency mud cleaner (desand and desilt all-in-one machine) is the second and third stage solids control equipment in the drilling fluid purification system, which can further separate the smaller solid phase contained in the mud processed by the vibrating screen so that the mud can enter the fourth stage separation equipment. The cleaner can be used alone, or its underflow vibrating screen can be used as a parallel backup device for the primary solids control shaker.

The combined mud cleaner for sand removal and mud removal by drilling fluid is mainly characterized in that there is a control valve between the main inlet and outlet pipes of the desander and the desander, and an automatic sand blocking device and bottom outflow adjustment device. Applicable to the new type of compact structure, convenient use, easy maintenance, reliable work, can quickly remove harmful solid phases in drilling fluid, improve drilling fluid performance, and meet the requirements of the new high-pressure jet drilling process.
Model HYQJ200×1S-100×4N HYQJ200×2S-100×8N HYQJ250×2S-100×12N HYQJ250×3S-100×20N
Treatment Capacity 60m³ 120m³ 240m³ 320m³

Desander Cyclone Specs
8in 10in

Desander Cyclone Qty
1nos 2nos 2nos 3nos

Desilter Cyclone Specs

Desilter Cyclone Qty
5nos 8nos 12nos 20nos
Working Pressure 0.25~0.4mpa
Inlet Size DN125mm DN150mm DN150mm DN200mm
Outlet Size DN150mm DN200mm DN200mm DN250mm
Separation Point 15μm~44μm
 Bottom Shaker HYZS60/N/A HYZS752/N/A HYZS752/N/A HYZS703/N/A
Dimension 1510×1160X2000mm 1835×1230×1810mm 1835×1230×1810mm 2419×2150×2147mm
Weight 600kg 980kg 1250kg 2350 kg

Features and Benefits of HYang Mud Cleaner:
1.Integration of desander desilter and shale shaker,compact design for structure,small volume.
2.Selected high chromium iron lined with polyurethane or pure polyurethane,long service life.
3.High manganese steel alloy for screen basket,with high strength,lengthen the service life of screen basket.
4.Adopted international brand vibration motor,Martin or OLI motor.
5.Hot treatment for screen basket,heavy anti-corrosive coating for surface,guarantee the service life of shale shaker. 
6.High G force vibration strength(adjustable),can meet the separation of high viscosity and specific gravity drilling mud.
7.Fixation of plate tension and wedge are both available for screen.
8.Electric control:international brand Schneider or Siemens.

HYang Oil & Gas is a manufacturer specializing in the production of drilling mud cleaner. At the same time, we also produce other solids control equipment, such as desander, desilter, centrifuge, agitator, mud tank, etc.

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