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Mud Gun
source:admin time:2021-11-10
Mud guns are generally used with high-power sand pumps or shear pumps, mainly to prevent mud from settling in the drilling mud tank. Mud gun is divided into high and low pressure. The high pressure gun is supplied by the drilling pump from the branch stream, and the pressure level is 1 to 6 MPa; the low pressure gun is supplied by the centrifugal sand pump, and the pressure level is 0.2 to 0.3 MPa. The number of configurations should be determined according to the number of agitators.
Model HYNJQ50-3 HYNJQ50-3X HYNJQ80-3 HYNJQ80-3X
Diameter 50mm 50mm 80mm 80mm

Work Pressure
≤6.4MPa ≤3.2MPa ≤6.4MPa ≤3.2MPa

Nozzle Number

Rotation Angle
N/A 360° N/A 360°

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