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Screw Pump
source:admin time:2021-11-10
Screw pump, also known as "Spiral Water Pump"and "Archimedes screw pump". A pump that uses the rotation of spiral blades to spiral up the water in the axial direction. It is composed of shaft, spiral blade and shell. When pumping water, place the pump obliquely in the water so that the inclination angle of the main shaft of the water pump is smaller than the inclination angle of the spiral blade, and the lower end of the spiral blade is in contact with the water. When the prime mover drives the screw pump shaft to rotate through the speed change device, water enters the blades and rises along the spiral flow path until it flows out. The structure is simple, easy to manufacture, large flow, low head loss, high efficiency, easy to repair and maintain, but low lift, low speed, and a variable speed device is required. It is mostly used for irrigation, drainage, and lifting of sewage and sludge. China began to use it in the 1970s.

Screw pump is an ideal pump for feeding to decanter centrifuge. The main parts are screw shaft (rotor) and screw shaft bushing (stator),Cause the special geometry shape of the two parts, form pressurize capacity separately. The fluids flow along with the shaft,  slow inner flow speed, capacity remains, steady pressure, meanwhile it will not generate vortex and agitating.It can drive by coupler, or adjust the speed by using variable speed motor, Triangle Vbelt, gear box, etc.Rotor and stator are wear parts of this pump, it is convenient to replace.
Model Flow rate Pressure Power Inlet Outlet Ex Standard Weight Dimension
HYG10A-040 10㎥/h 0.3MPA 4KW 3 3 ExdIIBt4  /  IECEX  /  A-TEX 245kg 2245×320×550mm
HYG20A-055 20㎥/h 5.5KW 3 3 323KG 2450×340×562mm
HYG30A-075 30㎥/h 7.5KW 4 4 386kg 2761×370×600mm
HYG40A-110 40㎥/h 11KW 5 5 454kg 3270×370×665mm
HYG50A-110 50㎥/h 11KW 5 5 608kg 3790×400×782mm
HYG60A-115 50㎥/h 15KW 5 5 649kg 3322×550×740mm
HYG70A-220 70㎥/h 22KW 6 6 875kg 3740×420×785mm
HYG80A-220 80㎥/h 22KW 6 6 875kg 3740×420×785mm
HYG90A-220 90㎥/h 22KW 6 6 875kg 3740×420×785mm

Features and Benefits
1.Shaft of the pump is made from stainless steel, complete stainless steel body is optional.
2.Less accessories,compatible  structure, small volume,easy maintenance.
3.Stator is made of elastomeric material, it has particular advantages than other pump to transfer the fluids with high viscosity and hard suspended particles.

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