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Vertical Cutting Dryer
source:admin time:2021-11-10
Drilling cuttings drying machine (cuttings dryer) is a single-stage continuous working vertical scraper discharge drying centrifuge, also called vertical drying centrifuge. One of the important equipment for non-ground treatment of mud in oilfield drilling waste treatment. HYang is a manufacturer of drill cuttings dryers. Among them, the HYCD series of drill cuttings dryers have passed two years of factory testing and on-site effective verification, helping to solve the current oil-based mud environment and water-based mud environment drilling waste The problem of separation and drying of the mud is the need for the mud not to meet the environmental protection requirements.

Selection and configuration of HYCD series Drilling Cuttings Dryer:
1. The electrical components adopt Siemens, Schneider or ABB, and the electrical control adopts the brand China Helon or Huarong explosion-proof;
2. The motor uses the brand CSIC or Dezhou Hengli;
3. The scraper is made of high wear-resistant hard alloy material.
4. The sieve basket is made of SS304 or SS316.
5. Bearings are made of China Haerbin,Wafangdian or imported brand SKF.
Capacity 30-50T/H
Screen Max. Dia. 930 mm
Screen Opening 0.25 ~0.5 mm
Rotary Speed 900 RPM 0~900 RPM
Air Knife Input Pressure 0.69 Mpa
Air Knife Input Capacity 1.8㎥/min
Oil Tank Capacity 60L
Main Motor Power 55 kw (75 HP)
Oil Pump Power 0.55 kw (0.75 HP)
Ex Standard ExdIIBt4 / IEC EX/ ATEX
Weight 5900kg 5700kg
Dimension 2750×2130×1800mm

 Features and functions:
1. Rotation Speed up to 900rpm and form separation 420G G-Force, which can effectively separating the liquid from drilling cuttings.
2. Unloading scraper adopts high chromium cast iron to extend equipments lifetime..
3. Special designed high pressure air knives can effectively prevent the basket screen automatically to avoid the screen blinding especially for high viscosity mud and water based mud.
4. Each replaceable part is individually balanced for future replacement.
5. Adopts independent oil lubrication and oil tank cooling system with automatic alarm for pressure limit, it can meet client’s different operation requirements such like high temperature.
6. Able to separate and dry different kinds of drilling waste, such as water-based mud, oil-based mud, composite mud.  

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