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Desander Cylone
source:admin time:2021-11-02
The fluid cyclone is a common separation and classification equipment, and the principle of centrifugal sedimentation is commonly used. When the two-phase mixture to be separated enters the cyclone tangentially from the periphery of the cyclone at a certain pressure, a strong three-dimensional elliptical strong rotating shear turbulence is generated. Because of the difference in particle size between coarse particles and fine particles, they are subject to centrifugal force, centripetal buoyancy, fluid drag and other sizes. Due to centrifugal sedimentation, most of the coarse particles are discharged through the bottom outlet of the cyclone, and most of the fine particles are discharged by the bottom outlet of the cyclone. The overflow pipe is discharged to achieve the purpose of separation and classification.
10inch desander cyclone
10inch Desander Cyclone

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