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Desilter Cylone
source:admin time:2021-11-02
The bottom outflow port of the desilting cyclone is in the shape of an umbrella-shaped "wet bottom" sand discharge so that the particles in the separation zone can be quickly discharged, reducing the probability of clogging of the bottom outflow port; the advanced small two-screen mud vibrating screen has a large processing capacity and noise Small size, long screen life; symmetrical liquid inlet mechanism makes swirl distribution reasonable and stable work.

The desilter is designed according to the principle of particle sedimentation. The separation medium drilling fluid generates a certain pressure and speed through the sand pump, and spirals into the inner wall of the cyclone. The coarser particles flow along the cyclone under the action of centrifugal force and gravity. The inner wall of the vessel sinks spirally, discharged from the bottom flow port, and falls on the fine-mesh vibrating screen below to be separated, and the remaining medium spirally rises along the cyclone.

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