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Mud Gas Seperator
source:admin time:2021-09-30

Model HYZYQ800 HYZYQ1000 HYZYQ1200
Capacity 180㎥/h 240㎥/h 320㎥/h

Main body Diameter
800mm 1000mm 1200mm
Inlet Pipe DN100mm DN125mm DN1250mm
Output Pipe DN150mm DN200mm DN250mm

Gas Discharge pipe
DN200mm DN200mm DN200mm
Weight 1750kg 2235kg 2600kg

1900×1900×5700mm 2000×2000×5860mm 2200×2200×6634mm

Mud gas separator is specifically designed to remove gas in the drilling fluids , stabilized the mud density.It's the main equipment to reduce the blowout,a necessary equipment in deep-well drilling gas wells. Combined with electronic ignitor to burn flammable harmful gases produced in the drilling process.

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